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Top 5 diffuser tips

Diffusers are a lovely alternative to candles, as they are always "on" and don't require lighting or extinguishing. As someone who is constantly forgetting to blow out my candles before leaving the house, I find diffusers to be the most convenient scent accessory for our home.

If you are new to reed diffusers, here are some of our top tips for the very best experience:

5x top diffuser tips:

— if scent is too strong, remove a reed or two

— flip the reeds weekly for maximum throw

— place by your bed, laundry room, bathroom or entryway

— after 50% use, gently wipe your reeds clean to remove dust

— when finished, recycle your jar or clean and use as a vase

Please note the diffuser carrier oil can damage paint surfaces. If you have a spill, wipe immediately.


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