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Which candle is right for you?

1. How big is the room you’re looking to fill? ⤵

If you’re scenting a bedroom or office, a smaller candle will do the job beautifully. Our new amber jars are around 200g and made for spaces like these. If you’re hoping to fill a large living or dining space (even one with tall ceilings) I’d recommend one or two of our 275g candles.

2. How long will you be burning your candle? ⤵

If you like to leave your vessels lit for 3-4 hours at a time, then a larger candle is for you. However if you prefer short burns (1-2 hours) then a smaller vessel is the perfect match.

Remember your candles perform best when the wax is given time to melt to the edge of the jar but not too long after

3. What is the occasion? ⤵

Romantic evening in? Try a floral like “Deadly Peonies”

Scent for the kitchen? Try “Driftwood” or “Golden Hour” (citrus compliments the scents of the kitchen)

Living room? Anything goes but I love burning a pine scent like “Forest Walk” or our new “Alpine” scent

Do you have any candle-related questions? Drop them below and I’ll do my very best to answer!


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