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How to make your own reading nook

Cosy corner, reading nook... call it what you may, but sometimes we all need a space to call our own. A little place to getaway and unplug from daily demands. This can be inside or even on the shaded back porch.

Just choose a bright corner of any part of the house. Add a plush rug, a pillow, a side table (vintage furniture is my favourite), a plant and soft lighting.

I love to read so I have made myself a little nook with a super comfy secondhand chairs overlooking our pond, with stacks of my favourite books, a candle and some duck food for when the ducks come to visit.

Some more ideas:

  • Try audio books instead so you can sip coffee in peace with your headphones on. Close your eyes or just sit and be still

  • Keep a notepad and pen nearby for when inspiration strikes

  • Be deliberate about how often you spend your time there. Will you try every morning for 30 minutes? Every Saturday for an hour? Communicate your need for some quiet time to your family so they know not to disturb you

  • Turn your phone on "do not disturb" so you are not tempted to pick up your device

  • Be selfish about how you spend your time here. Read the books you WANT to read, not the ones you're expected to. Try to leave the business of life elsewhere, the to-do list can wait

  • Scent is powerful so try a calming blend like vanilla, lime and coconut (Raglan Weekend) or almond, cinnamon and vanilla to satisfy that sweet tooth craving (Sunday)

Where do you go for a little me-time?


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