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The road to new kraft labels

Weeks ago, my supplier changed their kraft label material last minute and I was left with thousands of dollars of faulty product and no plan B in sight. I felt completely defeated.

Thankfully my husband found a local NZ company who heard our story and offered to help. Within days we had beautiful sample material, which are now featured on our new amber jars & future glass jars to come.

I’m so thankful we ran into that snag. It reminds me not all setbacks are bad, and some exist to set you on the right track.

Here is the finished product — locally sourced and printed Kraft labels that tell our story: with our vintage font in a hand stamped, small-batch design.

I hope you love them as much as we do.

Have you ever experienced a “happy accident” that actually was for the best?

I’d love to hear your story ⤵


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