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6 steps to simple living

“Simple living is all about removing the excess from your life in order to have more time, money and energy for the things that matter most. It's about seeking out and learning to enjoy the quiet moments—even when they're short-lived—without feeling guilty or rushing off to the next thing on your to-do list.” - Joshua Becker

Value experiences over things:

Collect memories. Gift thoughtful, handmade things or treasures you found in an antique shop. When you shop, choose quality over quantity. Try pre-loved clothes and used home goods. Be thoughtful about the companies you support. Cherish the things you have in your home. If you don't cherish them, give them to someone who will.

Read more, consume less media:

Visit your local library and get a good book. Dedicate an hour a night to reading, instead of scrolling social media or watching Netflix. Try writing for the fun of it. Write like no one will ever read it. You’ll be surprised by what you discover.


A clean, open space = a clear mind.

  • Declutter your home, kitchen, pantry, inbox (try Unroll.Me), and those you follow on social media

  • Try following artists instead of influencers

  • Reduce your to-do list. Give yourself 3x BIG tasks to accomplish each day, and allow time for your mind to wander. Take note of where it goes when it wanders

Grow and/or make your own food:

Create meals together. It's time well-spent, and money well-spent. If you're unable to plant vegetables or shop for your groceries locally/regularly, try HelloFresh or MyFoodBag (order the larger meal options so you have leftovers for lunch the next day). By batching your meals you'll have more free time, which is the real gift of simple living.

Get outside:

Physical health = Mental wealth. And time outside with nature is good for the soul. Try to go for a walk in nature daily.

Make your home your haven:

Despite the size of your home, you can make it the perfect escape from the stresses of the world. Try to satisfy the 5 senses, and stay true to who you are when considering these:

  • Change the mood of your fall walls with scented candles (we recommend calming scents like Raglan Weekend)

  • Create a Spotify playlist of songs you love that bring about great memories. We've created a "slow mornings" playlist which you can listen to for free, here

  • Have food and drinks readily available that are nourishing and easy to make

  • Layer your living space with different textures. Set up a reading or movie nook with soft slippers, a cosy blanket and a stack of your favourite books

  • Consider the lighting of your home. Soft lights and different heights create pockets or little caves throughout your home, and can make the space feel cosy (or hygge)

Comment below with your simple living tips


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